What’s WoVEN™

Active Duty, Reserve & Veterans; We Salute You!

This blog is dedicated to all military members: active duty, reserve, veteran & retired.

WoVEN was founded in 2007, by Terry Hall after speaking at the Hire America’s Heroes Symposium.

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Terry in her USMC Alpha Uniform

Terry shared her military transition with more than 400 attendees at the Microsoft Headquarters Hosted Event.

After her presentation, service members introduced themselves to Terry.  Many women said her story encouraged them that civilian success was attainable.

Terry saw a need for an empowering, all-inclusive, military women, active duty and women veterans network and WoVEN was formed.

Terry’s Marine Corps Promotion to Sergeant Ceremony

WoVEN’s Blog shares military job search transition topics and veteran-proven results.   As a recruiter and social media manager, Terry has made a successful transition, from the military, to civilian life.

Through WoVEN, Terry share’s lessons learned and challenges met in military transitions and civilian job search efforts.  The end goal of most topics is to save  others time, resources and surprises during their transitions.

About WoVEN Founder & CEO: Terry served active duty in the US Marine Corps from 1988 – 1996.  As a Marine Corps Veteran, Terry didn’t plan her military exit.  After her honorable discharge, Terry found a job that launched her social media and recruiter career.  More about Terry

“WoVEN” + “Women Veterans Empowerment Network” – U.S. Registered Trademarks: IC035.US 100101102. G&S

© 2007 – 2013 Copyright // WoVEN, Women Veterans Empowerment Network// All Rights Reserved

WoVEN and Job Spot Seattle: Registered “Veteran Owned Business” by The Department of Veterans Affairs


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